City of Hays Bus

The DSNWK Transportation Department oversees all agency owned vehicles in all areas served by DSNWK. Thirty five of the vehicles utilized to provide transportation for individuals served are funded by Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) through capital purchase grants.

The public services provided include ACCESS, Safe Ride and Tiger Transport.

  • ACCESS provides on demand transportation in Hays and Ellis County. The local funding source for ACCESS is the City of Hays and Ellis County.

  • Safe Ride is a service started via the backing of "a Partnership for a Safer Community." This service is provided in the City of Hays on Wednesday through Saturday from 9:30 pm until 3:00 am the following day. There is no fare charged for this service.

  • Tiger Transport stops every 30 minutes at various locations in Hays. The service is funded by Fort Hays State University. There is no fare charged for this service.

All public transportation services are on a first come, first served basis.

These vehicles are partially funded via grants through KDOT. The grants include funding for the purchase of the vehicle (capital) and operating expenses.

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